Sales for Car Wash Fundraiser Tickets

As a professional sales person I bet you have never considered that your expertise could be used at a local nonprofit group to sell car wash fundraiser tickets. As a professional sales person you know that networking and word-of-mouth advertising with good referrals can help you in your sales career. polovni avtomobili germanija

These are the exact fundamentals needed for nonprofit groups, which sell car wash fundraiser tickets. Consider a high school band with 100 members and they need to raise $40,000 for the upcoming season in order to pay additional cost of transportation due to the high diesel fuel costs for the buses.

If these kids can sell enough carwash tickets at 5 dollars each they might be able to raise either half of the money they need or all of it in one single car wash fundraiser. The selling of carwash fundraiser tickets is not difficult if you have 100 salespeople. But how you get each kid to sell that number of tickets that you need in order to reach your goal?

Well, if you consider that each of the children or kids has one or more parents who have a job somewhere, then perhaps each parent can take 10 tickets to work with them. And the kids can sell the rest. If the kids are going to sell in groups of two and use team selling then you divide up the number of neighborhoods in the city so that the kids do not overlap. You may find that they sell all the tickets they need to reach your goal. Please consider all this in 2006.